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My fascination with all aspects of the entertainment industry has also led me to play the role of screenwriter, director and producer. I have penned numerous screenplays, directed an award-winning documentary and am currently producing three different projects that celebrate some of the industry's most influential personalities.


I am always on the lookout for more!

Towards the Moon
With Fellini

In the early 80s, I went on an ethereal adventure with the great Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. What we experienced together over the course of a week in Los Angeles and the jungles of Tulum (and over the next several years) led to a quest to seek out answers to the most universal questions...including whether or not we are alone. Our journey together formed a strong bond between us that continued until his passing. During that time, I was privileged to get an inside look at "il Maestro" and his process for making his final film La Voce Della Luna. The result was my award-winning documentary Towards the Moon With Fellini, which had great success on the festival circuit.

In August of 2019, I published my debut book, also titled Towards the Moon With Fellini, which explores our adventure together and the strange but inspiring circumstances that surrounded Fellini's last great ethereal adventure! I have an entire other website dedicated to this project and my time with Fellini. To learn more about the documentary, the book and the story that legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin called a "star-filled idea," check out:


Towards Manhattan with Woody
The Devil Made Me Do It

Towards Manhattan with Woody is a prequel of sorts to Christina’s debut memoir Towards the Moon with Fellini. This follow up work is much more intimate and personal, shedding light on what some would call a scandalous relationship with controversial director Woody Allen and how that pairing, which came along in a dangerous but exciting time for Christina, had a ripple effect that would impact the course of her life all the way up to today.


The untold story of comic genius Flip Wilson.


At the height of his career, beloved comedian Flip Wilson believed comedy should be color blind for everyone. He was more than a funny African American who went from rags to riches; he was a spiritual man that lived amidst segregation and racism. Through his comedy, he found ways his gifts could reach others. But as all sins die slowly, Flip’s greatest battle until the end was with his own inner demons...


The rights to Flip's life story are secured and the script is written. Currently negotiating financing and securing investors.


Project Sizzle Reel

Marilyn Monroe's legend

Designed as an international outreach project to introduce an American icon to the people of China.


Marilyn Monroe's Legend is a staged musical featuring Chinese performers, translated in Chinese that focuses on her life and legacy.


The project is currently in production.


Project Sizzle Reel


Towards Hollywood with christina
Higher and Higher

In Towards Hollywood with Christina, a woman opens up about the most volatile part of her journey, a wild adventure into the decadence of Hollywood with A-list celebrities and a lost soul unsure of what she’s hoping to find. Still in development, this book is the ultimate self-examination of a woman realizing that her life doesn’t need to be shaped by the men around her, but rather by her own calling, her own spirit, her own power.


A look at the career of "Mr. Excitement" Jackie Wilson.


R&B superstar Jackie Wilson rose from hardscrabble beginnings in Detroit to achieve fame on the pop charts and influence music artists from Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson. Wilson had an amazing vocal range, an electrifying stage presence and an incredible talent that
produced twenty-four Top 40 hits. However, his offstage life was no less explosive. This film focuses on the immensely talented Wilson and his complicated relationship with his manager Nat Tarnapol, set against the backdrop of the corrupt and mafia-controlled music industry.


The rights to Jackie's life story are secured and a production team is in place. The script is currently being finalized.


A dark comedy film best described as “Young Frankenstein” meets “Beauty and The Beast.” Tired of being a loser in love, the beautiful Dr. Aura Frankenstein decides to engineer the perfect mate. Her first experiment produces a comical little man named "Igor," with a heart of gold, but with the sex appeal of a newt. After hilarious trial and error, the perfect male specimen finally emerges in David, or so it seems…Soon all hell breaks loose and Aura realizes that love is more a matter of the heart than perfect DNA.

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