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When I was fifteen, I was walking home from school in my small hometown in rural New Jersey when a flashy man with a diamond earring pulled up in his convertible and said, "You should be a model." He gave me a contact in New York City and a month later, I had started my career!


It's a career that has taken me to New York, L.A., Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Munich and more. I have appeared in Mode Magazine, Allure, the New York Post, Playboy and several books and news articles all over the world. I have helped promote Ricolla cough drops, Volvo luxury cars and several Italian products, including tuna and orange juice! It also introduced me to Christie Brinkley, Janice Dickinson, Natassja Kinski and many other renowned models.


I'm very proud of my time as a model and my continued work in this thrilling profession!

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