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I come from a ten generation lineage of psychic mediums and first began my training at age six. I have developed most of the occult arts into a fascinating perspective introduced through my readings. Having spanned the globe, I have read for presidents, counselors, artists, business leaders and anyone looking to find answers in their personal or professional lives through the stars. 


An accurate astrological chart is calculated by birthdate, time and place. The two styles of charts I use most are either western or sidereal (eastern). It depends on what style of information the client wants. One is progressive, the other is karmic. The natal chart is followed by a solar progression chart, depicting how energies of planets affect the person.


As a professional astro-psychic healer and spiritual coach, I am well-versed in several more fields of the ancient arts, including Numerology, Tarot, I Ching, Psychic Readings and more. Whatever your questions in regards to relationships, health, career, life goals, etc., I can help!


My price is $125 for a 90-minute session, which includes multiple readings. Check out my social media links for readings and more info!




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